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At Shikha Academy we have a step by step admission process. Currently, we are accepting students either at SKG (age 5) or Grade 3/4 (age 8/9).

Shikha Academy runs free activity camps throughout the year for students in SKG and Grades 3 and 4 with combined family incomes less than Rs. 4 lakh a year. Participation in these camps is mandatory for admission to Shikha Academy. The activities conducted in these camps aim to showcase the students’ potential, harness creativity, push them think out of the box, make great friendships, and understand their own and others emotions.

These camps have team games, art workshops, emotional development activities, problem solving skills, quizzes, talent shows, self-awareness activities, sports and presentations. Food will be provided. Select students may be invited to join our after school program. Please contact us for information on the next camp being held in your area.

Shikha Academy’s Foundation Program is a unique bridge learning opportunity for students in Senior KG and Grades 3/4. During this program we focus on:

• Building competency in reading, writing and speaking English in line with international board requirements

• Building a strong foundation in Mathematics as per board requirements

• Learning relevant computer skills such as typing, internet research, emailing and other office software competencies

• Building life skills that include practical knowledge of the world and how to deal with issues in a more balanced and holistic fashion

 Fees are nominal.

Students that complete the foundation program, demonstrating growth and a learner mindset may be offered admission to the main school.

Shikha Academy students will complete the IGCSE exam in Grade 10 and the A levels exam in Grade 12. Coursework is disseminated through interactive tech based classrooms with a focus on student centered teaching methods.

We believe in personalized learning to mastery. This means that students are taught a particular topic for the length of time required to gain mastery in that topic after which point they are quickly moved to the next topic. This necessitates that learning be personalized and each student has their individual track and speed of progress. This is particularly important in subjects such as Mathematics and English where if the student does not have the opportunity to build a strong foundation, advanced topics will never be assimilated.

At Shikha Academy we aim to transform students as they learn, through dynamic cycles of inquiry, action and reflection. Teachers enable and support students as they develop the approaches to learning they need – for both academic and personal success.

Students are taught to take responsibility for their own learning and understand how knowledge is imbibed. They are encouraged to try different approaches to learning and to think about their place in this world.