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 We are always interested to work with passionate educators to create this unique school model. We are looking for people who wholly endorse our values and really demonstrate a will for community improvement and contribution to the less privileged. We believe that the current model of education in the country is not serving our youth effectively. This is an opportunity to be part of this unique initiative and work with open-minded, passionate people who want to make a difference.

For teaching roles, we do not require prior teaching experience. All new teachers undergo a training period on joining the school, including classroom observation and personalised skill development. Professional development sessions are held every week to inculcate best practices and create unique and workable pedagogies in the classroom. A passion for the subject being taught as well as love for children is all that you require.

As the school expands more than 10 fold in student numbers over the next few years, we will be looking for teachers and leaders in the following subject areas: English, Mathematics, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Enterprise, Global Perspectives, Computer Science, Life Skills, Hindi, Marathi, Sports and Fitness, Art and Music, Theatre etc. We are also looking for curriculum developers, content writers and community outreach experts.

We are also happy to accept applications for volunteering, interning or part time teaching jobs.

Some of our current vacancies include:

Primary School

English Teachers

Math Teachers

Social Studies Teachers

Science Teachers

Visual Arts Teachers


Middle School

English Teachers

Social Studies/Global Perspectives Teachers

Enterprise or Business Management Teachers


Leadership and Administration

Academic Coordinators

Head of Science

Head of English

Instructional Designers 

Pedagogy Developers

Teacher Trainers

 School Administrators


Visiting/Part Time Faculty

Theatre Arts



For both teaching and non-teaching jobs, please write to hr@shikhaacademy.org with your interests and your resume.