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The Shikha Institute of Education was founded in 2022 to be the catalyst for shaping education as a systemic endeavor. We aim to create a new, low cost system of education that is built for scale, accessibility and high standards, relevant to creating lifelong learners, inquirers and problem solvers. The institute works in the areas of curriculum development, education research, pedagogy instruction, educator capacity building, school management and outreach for system change. 


The research team at Shikha grapples with unresolved questions in education. How can schools and institutes assess 21st century skills? How can school assess, at scale, not just student performance across academics but also skills and mindsets? How can teachers and technology work together to create high quality learning? What does a high quality classroom look like? Research is conducted and tested at our in-house lab school Shikha Academy.


The Curriculum Development department at Shikha Institute of Education aims to design a K-12 curriculum that will create learning opportunities and experiences that unleash the potential of children while accounting for the implementation constraints in the context of low-fee schools in India. The curriculum is designed and rapidly iterated with testing and feedback from the in-house lab school Shikha Academy. 


The aim of this department is to change the way the industry perceives ‘teacher’ and ‘school leader’ training. How do teachers prepare students for a world that doesn’t yet exist? How can teachers and principals be researchers and leaders of professional development contextual to India? All capacity building practices at the institute are founded in research, practice, and empathy. Therefore, we design capacity building experiences for teachers, facilitators, and school leaders and practically test the efficacy through our in-house lab school Shikha Academy.